Homewood Cheeses

We are small-scale artisan cheesemakers based in the Mendips who specialise in making ewes cheeses, using milk from a nearby flock. We currently produce a range of cheeses, made by hand in small batches using traditional techniques. Our cheeses are made with unpasteurised milk and we use vegetarian rennet.

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A selection of Homewood cheeses and cheese products

Buy our cheeses

Come and try our cheeses at one of our regular markets.
Bath Farmers Market, Green Park Station, every Saturday 8:30am til 1:30pm.
Bristol Farmers Market, Corn St & Wine St, every Wednesday 9am til 2:30pm.
Portishead Farmers Market, Waitrose Plaza, every second Saturday in month 9am til 12:30pm.
Clevedon Farmers Market, Queens Square, every fourth Saturday in month 9am til 12:30pm.

Contact us

01761 241413 | info@homewoodcheeses.co.uk | twitter: @HomewoodCheeses

Our cheeses

Old Demdike, our signature cheese, is a washed curd semi-hard cheese matured for up to 5 months.

Our Fresh Ewes Cheese is a simple strained curd which has immense versatility in the kitchen as well as standing alone as a cheese in its own right.

Taking inspiration from the Mediterranean, we also produce a Greek-Style Brined Cheese, a Halloumi and a Fresh Ricotta. These, and the fresh ewes cheese, have become weekly staple ingredients for many of our customers and can be found on the menu at a number of local restaurants and gastropubs.